translated from Spanish: Psychologist, academic and political adviser: the man who died while participating in the marathon of Santiago

This Sunday died Claudio Agurto Spencer, of 51 years, while participating in the most recent version of the marathon of Santiago.
According to information provided by the police, Agurto suffered, after 13:00 hours, a cardiac arrest at the corner of Pocuro with Avenida Los Leones in full competition, being run by teams of emergency in place and transferred to the clinic Santa Maria.
Although it was quickly moved towards healthcare enclosure, where they carried out resuscitation maneuvers, he died minutes later.
Agurto Spencer was psychologist and worked doing communicational consulting and strategic analysis on the democracy Center and community (CDC), linked to the Christian Democrats.
In addition, in the academic area, became involved with bunches of strategic communication, teaching at the University of Santiago (USACH) and the Universidad Alberto Hurtado (UAH).
«Claudio leaves an indelible mark in our team, your joy and positive attitude made us face each day with the aim to make the Center an important space for our society. «No doubt part a major contributor, but a best friend», manifested with pain from the CDC.
In addition to the Think Tank, diverse personality of the Christian Democrats, former DC or former members of Bachelet’s Government expressed its condolences on the passing of Agurto. Among them Matthias Walker Prieto, Paula Narváez, Clemente Pérez and Cristián Bowen.
«Our most sincere condolences to the family and friends of Claudio Agurto, who has unexpectedly left today. We will always remember your enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism. A great person! «, said from the DC.

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