translated from Spanish: Reforms and labor

disputes disputes. The confrontation between the Trade Union leadership of the Stasac and the Mayor of Culiacan, Jesus Estrada Ferreiro, can lead, for the first time, that the red flags to hang in the Town Hall of the capital and public services will be interrupted you are provided by the municipality. It is desirable that dialogue to prevail and that the agreements taken are for the good of the citizenry, however, seems that there is no common ground, there are permanent debate between the leader of the workers and the Mayor, constant disqualifications and attacks, and that does not lead to anything good. It is really making in trade union leadership of the Stasac need greater transparency in the management of Trade Union funds, more internal democracy, respect to the worker base and that the perquisites and Union benefits be used not only for the benefit of few. also lack of renewal of pictures. David Alarid belongs to the compact group that has taken control of the Union of the Town Hall since Sergio Torres was the leader of the Trade Union body. However, it is also true that Mayor Estrada Ferreiro, by law, must respect the autonomy of the Union and of the collective agreement, even if appear you excessive benefits stipulated in the collective agreement, has legal means to raise its revision, and it should not be calling upon the employer interference in the internal affairs of the trade union organization. The Mayor sent City Hall, improving services corresponds to public (which by the way are very poorly, mostly toiletries and clean, maintenance of parks and gardens, lighting maintenance of roads and public) does not correspond you to lead the Union, less audit their funds, that is demand, which should fly the workers themselves, and not the employer. To disqualify all the unionized workers, designating them as lazy and «aviators», the Mayor is confronted with all the working basis and, instead of weakening to David Alarid, has ends up strengthening it. Or not? If in the center of the debate is placed the issue of Trade Union democracy and seriously debated on the performance of the collective contract, as well as respect for the rights of workers, another could be the scenario. Is it? CHANGES IN THE FLL. The reform of the Federal labour law would be adopted before 1 may of 2019. The idea is to come into force that day, as well as the historic reform driven by Mario de la Cueva, one of the largest employment lawyers that has taken the country. Progresses by leaps and the issue of Trade Union democracy, guaranteeing free and secret elections for the guilds who decide to organize themselves in trade unions; as there is a whole chapter about the register and transparency in collective contracts of employment and the exercise of the right to strike (for this reason the Mayor of the capital steps in inverse sense to the idea of AMLO strengthen union rights, collective agreements and) the strike). Separately, on the occasion of the trade agreements of the North American there are Canadian and American unions pressure for progress in Mexico on Union democracy, the strike and the collective bargaining. So there will be reform, with little time, little debate and many themes out, as it is the precarious employment by subcontracting, among others. but it is a fact that the labor reform is approved, also there will be changes in the conciliation boards because they will disappear to give way to the labour courts. Is it?

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