translated from Spanish: Robot Sophia asks equality and respect for

Sophia, the Android with advanced artificial intelligence androids, he asked through his Twitter account equality, respect and the «end of slavery» for robots like it. More than 90 thousand people follow Sophia on Twitter, where on average 5 tweets a day and responds to messages where it is mentioned. This Android was created in Hong Kong by 2015, and has artificial intelligence that makes it able to recognize voices, learn new things, imitate facial as winks, smiles and embarrassing gestures as well as simple conversations, among others functions. David Hanson is its creator. Sophia is designed to accompany elderly in nursing homes, so that its appearance mimics so very accomplished a human person.
His fame has not stopped growing in recent years. He has performed in different parts of the world and has been interviewed by characters such as Elon Musk, Charlie Rose, and the visecretario of the UN, Amina J.Mahammed, among others. It also had an «appointment» with Will Smith.

Even the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia granted him citizenship, making it the first robot with a nationality. Sophia visited the city of Mexico in April of 2018, in the framework of the Talent Land. There, he said before thousands of young people that Mexico is «a great country» and «has made great contributions to the world».
I know that it is a great country, a town with great culture and traditions. Mexico is full of talent and have made contributions to the world,»said at that then Sophia.

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