translated from Spanish: Romeo Santos and a historical meeting with adventure: listening your new theme

on 1 April, within the framework of the day of the innocents in the United States, Romeo Santos had announced that it would be “a new single adventure”, band of bachata with which he known in the field of music. Although there was a little lie in that publication was a real announcement: “I said that it would launch a single adventure yesterday at 9:00 p.m. They didn’t care, the joke and the apology was because I was not with the day and time. The jokes are over”. So was Friday 5, along with his former band mates Max and Lenny Henry Santos (also cousins of Romeo) launched “Immortal”, his new track: the video clip is over the 18 million views and marks the return – at least momentary – a grouping of that from its beginnings it emerged as a leader in the genre. A little history adventure came in 1993 in the Bronx, in New York: was born as a Quartet of dominico-estadounidense music that fused bachata and Latin rhythms with hip hop and R & B. in the beginning, were called “Los Tinellers”, the name referring to the Word teenager (teenager in English). Under that title, edited disc “Love trap” in 1995.Sin embargo, to meet producer Julio César García, who went on to become their manager, they changed it to adventure and debuted with “Generation Next” in 1999.

It would be his second official album, “We Broke The Rules” which is perfilarían at the international level thanks to its simple “obsession”. They separated in April 2011, and Romeo Santos was launched as a soloist.

Original source in Spanish

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