translated from Spanish: The spate of Santelices explanations about his role and the controversial circular of the Superintendence of health

All an earthquake to the interior of the health sector in the Government led to the decision of the Superintendence of health slow down in two years the rule which obliges the isapres to lower the value of the plans of affiliates two, a measure known in the midst of the controversy for the rise in insurance plans. Amid this situation, the darts were concentrated in the Superintendent of health, Ignacio García-Huidobro, who from the opposition demanded his resignation and even was criticized from the ranks of Chile are going.
Today, the Minister of health, Emilio Santelices, came out in his defence and referred to the controversy. In an interview with TVN State national program, the Secretary of State said that Garcia Huidobro has had complications because «assuming he found a series of situations dragged for a long time and had the courage to want to address them in a way «timely given the time it took to solve problems that affect the users». With respect to circular, Santelices said that «what he did was find a way to maintain the balance of system (…) at no time was in the mood of it favour the Isapres, they quickly look to remedy a situation that a decade-long».
The Minister admitted that he learned the resolution the same day that circular was published and asked to García Huidobro reviewed it. «The Superintendency generates many resolutions and they are not all published, they are not required to do so,» he said.
The holder of health continued with his defence to the Superintendent and pointed to East «was chosen by the high public address system and we at the Ministry of health are super friendly with that (…)» is not to prosecute him».
Finally, Santelices referred to the Bill of Isapres to the Government sent this month. «We are offering nothing that has not been adequately studied,» he said, and added that he has talked about the legislative measure with parliamentarians from different political parties.

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