translated from Spanish: UC took victory in a locked encounter against Everton

Catholic University reached this Sunday the exclusive leadership of the National Championship 2019, momentarily, after defeat on visitor condition 2-1 Ev erton, in match disputed in the Estadio Sausalito in Viña del Mar and valid by the seventh date. The whole Gustavo Quinteros directing came with victory in the garden city to 16 points and exceeds by a unit to Unión Española, which later will regain first place when received in the Estadio Santa Laura Curicó United. The cross cast faced this duel with the ‘ruleteros’ with an alternate team, due to the physical effort deployed by the ‘A’ team in triumph on Guild and to the proximity of the crossing against Libertad in the Copa Libertadores. The bet gave result and with names like Jaime Carreño and Ignacio Saavedra. 34 minutes broke the zero in the redoubt ‘gold and sky’. After a good combination in the Middle, Duvier Riascos held the ball in the area and enabled to Jaime Carreño that you define with a footed crossed before the departure of goalkeeper Cristián Campestrini. Little last cross advantage. After a questionable foul area Valber Huerta on Juan Cuevas, Maximiliano Ceratto served 37′ the criminal and not failed with a shot to his right while Cristopher Toselli lunged towards the other side. Newly initiated complement, at 47, UC gave the coup de grace that allowed him to address the meeting. A shipment by right of Stefano Magnasco, he encountered a detour in a rival Defender, ended with the head butt in the Centre of the area of the Colombian Duvier Riascos, who sent the ball to the bottom of the arch to pleasure. Everton showed little or nothing before his people, mainly by the solid defensive work of the outsider. Most clear, within what little became the local arc Toselli, became after 59 minutes with a quick half turn Alvaro Ramos, who found the safe response of cross Porter. 76 ‘, meanwhile, Catholic was through the newly entered pine César, who only went to the arch rival, was taken to the Archer, but instead of finishing he wanted to empower Riascos and was wrong. Shortly after 79 minutes, set Gustavo Díaz directing stayed with 10 men on the ground by the expulsion of Fernando Arismendi, by double strike. The Uruguayan had entered newly 57 ‘ to the field by Bastián San Juan. By the eighth date of the Championship, UC will receive to Universidad de Chile in the classical University, while Everton must visit to Curicó Kingdom.

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