translated from Spanish: Video: Fierce feud between taxi driver and conductor in Villa Urquiza

seems to «ciudad de la furia» not called so by anything: last Friday, April 5, a taxi driver and a motorist were involved in a fierce fight that was registered in video graci as a merchant and portrays the terrible outcome of a discussion of transit. Witnesses recount, all started around 11 o’clock in the triumvirate and La Pampa, in the neighborhood of Villa Urquiza. There, the men allegedly discussed and meters ahead, would have returned to chafing due to the narrowness that currently presents the street. Once at the traffic lights, the two got off of their respective vehicles and is there when the «tachero» – but not before have been insulted with the other driver – stepped over the bonnet of his interlocutor and split her windshield. From there, it gave way to the REC. 
Filming starts soon after this time that looks like something out of a scene from «Wild stories»: you can see how the taxi driver kicks and hits the Chevrolet Corsa, owned by Fabio Rojas, and how it reacts and begins to throw fists against the rear windscreen of the taxi.» For mad, that is with a baby», tells someone to Fabio. And it was true: the man at the wheel of the Volkswagen Voyage was traveling with a woman and a baby (which would be your spouse and daughter), which made lower when he started the fight. Van pinecones, pineapples come, separate them: when everything seems finished, and mother and daughter climb again to the taxi, who was driving it reversed at high speed and collided deliberately to the Corsa then to escape. In the case the Prosecutor criminal Contraventional intervened and fouls No. 2 in charge of Norberto Briotto. Meanwhile, Rojas was derived to Tornú Hospital for injuries.

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