translated from Spanish: What do the Chilean organizations need to achieve a successful digitization?

current societies are more and more determined by technological advances. Moreover, in recent decades, we have witnessed that the technology has managed to advance by leaps and transforming all our environment completely. Today, the immersion of the business in the digital world, smartphones and social networks are fundamental, since – we want to or not-the digital transformation has come to stay.
The future of employment not can conceive without the influence of technology, so it says Randstad in his study ‘Does technology work environment’, which ensures that the workforce of the future will be dominated by the generation Z, who will work in jobs directly related to it. Faced with this, we should begin to adapt to a reality where technologies like Big Data, IoT, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and even virtual reality, will begin to be increasingly common in the offices of the future, to improve the experience of the users, who can count on a greater number of benefits to meet your needs.
Now, to achieve this, it is necessary that organizations, which have begun to adopt the process of digitization, not only to invest all their resources to continue implementing every day new technologies, but to take advantage of the existing. It is a fact that the technology needs of the human being, but if in addition it is well adopted by the users, the process to reach the digital transformation will prove successful.
As the anthropologist Jane Goodall pointed out at the time, «technology alone is not enough. We must also put the heart». And, this phrase, which may sound a bit cliche, summarizes all the renowned process of digitization. It is true that offices need to change so that employees are working within a digital secure perimeter and are able to work remotely, but if we only grant them technology after technology, without background value, this only It will remain as a simple utensil that can never become a tool for success.
Under this line, organizations should begin to transfer greater responsibility and prominence to the area, since they are those who can teach workers how to use existing technology to improve your efficiency and increase your productivity. If you are working in favour of enhance the skills of the it area, employees will begin to see the technology as a great ally, allowing in an optimized manner to achieve the expectations of the business.
It is true that new changes will come in the workspaces with tools that will, little by little, optimizing the efficiency and productivity of workers, but it will be here where we will truly see employers skills. Incorporate technology to achieve intelligent workspaces is the first step. How to adapt it and manage it within this will be the real challenge to further differentiate in the market by increasing its competitiveness, efficiency, effectiveness and expansion.

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