translated from Spanish: A man arrested for the murder of student Juarez

Chihuahua authorities reported Monday on the arrest of Andrew David H.S., alleged responsible for the killing of Dana Lizeth Lozano, student from the Autonomous University of city Juarez (UACJ).
In his Twitter account, Governor Javier Corral confirmed the arrest, carried out by the State Prosecutor’s Office. “In less than 48 hours we have given results of this crime which has shocked us [email protected] “, published the State Governor.
According to the average local Diario de Juarez, the detainee is an ex-boyfriend of the murdered young woman.
According to an early version of the facts, Dana Lizeth Lozano, who studied literature, was with friends in the Forum Café, located on avenida Plutarco Elias Calles and the Henry Dunant Street, when he said that he would go to a nearby convenience store of the place; However, he did not return.
Seeing that he did not return, his companions set out to find it and asked for help to locate the.
The 00: 40 hours on Saturday his corpse was found among some bushes in the Haiti Street and Bucharest, in a park of the progressive colony, 200 metres from the Forum Café. According to first reports, the student had wounds produced with a knife.
The Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez said the facts and called on the authorities to carry out an effective investigation. In addition, they demanded that different police corporations greater protection for citizens, and particularly for the University community.

The @Fiscalia_Chih has executed an order of arrest against Andres David H.S, alleged head of the young student of the #UACJ, Dana Lizeth feminicide. In less than 48 hours we have results of this crime which has shocked us at [email protected] . #CeroImpunidad – Javier Corral Jurado (@Javier_Corral) April 8, 2019 thanks for reading! Help us to continue with our work. How? You can now subscribe to political Animal on Facebook. With your monthly donation, you will receive special content. Find out how to subscribe here. Check our list of frequently asked questions here.

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