translated from Spanish: Cecilia Pérez described as “obstructionist” Deputy Núñez

Minister spokesperson for the Government, Cecilia Pérez, defended the President Sebastián Piñera criticism from the Deputy of PC Daniel Núñez, who compared the President with the dictator Augusto Pinochet, for “favouring the rich”. “They have a spokesman who today as well as obstructionist, as Deputy Daniel Núñez, is delirium, suffering from delirium, arguments that are beyond any awareness of reality to be able to contribute. “That’s what Chile does not want, that they lost the election, why going wrong, why they are still poorly evaluated”, said the Minister. In statements to La Tercera, Nunez said that the “almost pathological obsession of Piñera by favouring the well-off reminds me of the dictator, when Pinochet told us in the 80s that had to take care of them, because they are those who produce the wealth of the country”. Statements made them right in the week that will discuss the idea of legislating on tax reform in the Commission Finance of the House, which the Communist will preside. The vote on the idea of legislating, the Secretary of State recalled that President Piñera met with all “those parties that have parliamentary representation and we believe that they have made it possible for many of them, through dialogue, advance in” other projects that we adopted last year”. He said that in the appointment with the mainstream parties, they agreed to bring forward the tax modernization, further recalling that “we have dialogue, we’ve opened the doors of the various ministries, particularly the Ministry of finance, the Secretariat General of the Presidency. However, the Communist Party (PC) has not been in these conversations, which, in his view, “not only blocked permanently, they not only don’t want to talk, they don’t want to come to the casa de La Moneda, the House of all Chileans, to match union bridges to find concrete solutions for the inhabitants of our country”. The spokeswoman made a called the “opposition has been declared as constructive, beyond all the ideologies which may have, the causes that can embrace, know all United, Government, our coalition and opposition that builds bridges of unity, we can” “agree, search the best for our country” “is neither more nor less that we start working, we can talk, bring its proposals, let’s see what agree, that is the idea of legislating, that is part of the minimum obligation that a parliamentarian of our country has” chat in order to move forward on projects, finally meet the parent ideas, the founding ideas and some are opposed and to oppose to invent any excuse, even reaching the delusions”, said.

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