translated from Spanish: Eduardo Luna’s Lafamiliateatro: “company is increasingly an act of resistance”

the reposicio Nina n astronaut and the acclaimed Painecur, in addition to the launch of the Edition by own room, trials open for students of theatre and dialogues with experts are part of the cycle that celebrates the 15th anniversary of the grouping. “Making company is increasingly an act of resistance in a theatrical means where the generation of projects above the idea of touring a collective way to seat an authorship, a recognizable seal”, says its director, Eduardo Luna.
After 15 years, Lafamiliateatro has become a work of art dedicated to stage own playwrights exploring in the historic recent memory of Chile, particularly in cases that could provide us with critical reflections on the current state of the country, in terms of anthropological, political and cultural, managing to position itself as one of the strongest theatrical companies on the national scene.
Painecur: reflection on our current state clear example of that is the great success which became Painecur, her most recent work which, after being released in stroke in December 2017, has not stopped turning, reaching a record of 60 functions and 13,000 spectators inside and outside the national territory. Written and directed by Eduardo Luna, has been praised by critics and winning the Juan Radrigán for best dramaturgy, best cast at the X counters Awards and best drama in the awards literary at the Ministry of cultures, the arts and the Heritage 2018.
“The work perfectly could become a scenic reflection on our current state and the urgent need to transgress the inherited patterns. We can not move forward if we do not recognize what us above culturally and therefore, the work is just a portal to an understanding that we have historically rejected, explains Eduardo Luna, sunset and company director.
Trials open for school as a way to celebrate its 15th anniversary and realize also the consolidation of the company, as of March 28 will be a series of activities to commemorate their 15 years of experience. Center Mori will have functions of Nina astronaut (2014) and Painecur (2017) and the launch of the edition of the latter thanks to the own room publishing. In terms of formation of public open trials aimed at students of theatre to establish a close link with the new generations of creators will be developed. In addition, three conferences will be made to delve into topics of national importance, present in both works.
“Making company is increasingly an act of resistance in a local environment where projects exceeds the idea through a collective way to seat an authorship, a recognizable seal. Painecur, has probably impacted, because it is the result of the maturity of a group of artists, since 2004, we decided to develop an own dramaturgy. Initially from intuition, then through the technique, to finally find a satisfactory combination of both’ ends moon.
Child astronaut
04 April 25
Thursday, 20.30 h
general $6,000, $3,500 students and older adults
ticket sales at Painecur
05 April 27
Friday and Saturday, 20.30 h
$8,000, $4,000 students and older adults
ticket sales at
Mori Bellavista activities training centre
Wednesday March 27 / 15 h / School of theatre University Los Leones
test Open Painecur Thursday March 28 / 15 h / School of theatre University Academy of Christian humanism
open trial Painecur Conference
Friday April 12 / 19 h / Center Bellavista Mori
plurinational State of Chile.
possibilities for a new social contract based on peace and justice.
Friday, April 19 / 19 h / Center Bellavista Mori
the mapuche and the Academy.
the cultural encounter inside the educational system.
Friday, April 26 / 19 h / Center Bellavista Mori
theatre for teenagers.
conscious construction or unexpected consequence?

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