translated from Spanish: Empowered moms: pregnant photos Agustina Cherri and Marcela Kloosterboer

time when Agustina Cherri confirmed her third pregnancy, submitted a picture to share with their followers reason for his happiness. «Vacation with baby on board», wrote of heading. Agustina expects her third child while her friend, Marcela Kloosterboer is also pregnant but his second. Both dedieron pose and show pride in being mothers.

Agustina Cherri pregnant with your third child | Photo: Instagram @agustinacherriok «nothing cuter than taking photos with my daughter and my baby on the way! Showing a real woman, who works, still pregnant, as so many others and that may think being cute and get some cute shoes also with this new! «, he mentioned the former star, highlighting the capabilities that far from limiting them as women, strengthen. Let us remember that the actresses met years ago when both recorded the telenovela «Summer of ‘ 98» and their friendship remains intact, or even stronger, and the similarities found them, to the point of match in their pregnancies.

Marcela Kloosterboer message | Photo: Instagram @m.klooster Agustina hopes their baby on the way with his partner, the musician Tomás Vera who he met at the wedding of his friend Marcela party with Fernando Sieling.

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