translated from Spanish: Enlists public security surveillance and proximity “Easter 2019” device

Morelia, Michoacan.-around 9 thousand items of the Secretariat of public security (SSP), will monitor the order and security in the main tourist destinations of Michoacán during the holiday period of Easter 2019.
The objective is to provide security at all times to the inhabitants, as well as the visitors to Michoacan lands, as well as to people who leave the territory during this period, the holder of the SSP, José Martín Godoy Castro, who instructed established to the Michoacan police personnel to initiate preventive actions, prior to the commissioning of the device.
They will be units of police of proximity, lacustrine, cyclist, mounted, environmental, internal affairs, of restoration of law and order and group Delta of the Michoacan police, who will be watching and working in permanent sessions.
The uniformed maintain presence on main roads and in 10 regions of the State, to provide road assistance, address and channel reports, emergencies and incidents.
In addition to this deployment, will be with police elements and proximity in areas where care modules will be installed to tourists to provide guidance on regulations, doubts, reports and tourist sites, among other issues.
The activation of this device will be intensified in the areas with the largest number of tourist inflow, through air, water and ground patrols in areas like spas, beaches, sites for the promotion of culture and traditions, among other areas busy.
At the same time, the operators of the State Center of command, communications, computer, Control, coordination and intelligence (C5i), support in surveillance efforts, monitoring 6 thousand cameras installed in all of the State.
Sites with increased tourist influx of higher priority, for operation of the Michoacan police at Easter.
• Morelia • Pátzcuaro • Tzintzuntzan • Uruapan • Tarímbaro • Huandacareo • the Michoacán coast

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