translated from Spanish: He was released the nun accused of abuses in the Provolo Institute

Justice ordered freedom of Japanese nun Kumiko Kosaka, accused of primary participation in episodes of harassment and corruption of minor deaf Institute Antonio Provolo of Mendoza. The Court composed of the judges Diego Lusverti, Ariel Spektor and Eduardo Martearena analizaro at a hearing the report presented by the lawyers of the nun, 43 years old, who was serving prison home, and resolved to grant the freedom upon payment of a bail which was set at 2 billion pesos.» It was one of the possible alternatives within the resolution that was taken yesterday, we disagree with the Court’s decision, us does wrong», said in statements to local media Oscar Barrera, one of the lawyers of the victims of the Provolo.

Kumiko is accused by primary participation in nine offences of sexual abuse and corruption of minors in the Antonio Provolo Institute from 2004 to 2012, period when he served in the establishment.
The public prosecutor’s Office decided may 15, 2018 raise to trial the main cause of the Provolo, which began in November 2016.
In which the priests Nicolás Corradi (82), Horacio Corbacho are imputed (56) and two former employees, Jorge Bordón and Armando Gómez, but there is still no date for the start of the debate.
Counsel expressed their fear that the nun can abscond and considered that «any person who is imputed as Kumiko in two of the facts that it considered the Court, as with access carnal and aggravated abuse, would be dam».
«The circumstances that kept her in pre-trial detention were procedural leakage irrigation because she is a person who has no roots in the province, their nationality and the possibility of profugarse; This risk still remains,»the lawyer stressed. 

Barrier wondered how Kumiko will pay the deposit, since indicated that «she had referred, and returned it to do at the hearing, which was a sister with a vow of poverty and lacks money and heritage». The defender of Kumiko, Carlos Varela Álvarez, argued that danger of flight or the possibility of women hinders research there is no. In this note:

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