translated from Spanish: Met the sanction to the taxi driver who fought with a motorist in Villa Urquiza

Friday a taxi driver and a motorist were involved in a fierce fight that was registered in video thanks to a shopkeeper who filmed the terrible outcome a discussion of transit. The images became viral: Claudio Daniel Rímolo, the taxi driver assaulted a motorist, identified as Fabio Rojas, who was driving a Chevrolet Corsa in Villa Urquiza. The driver was denounced by the damaged driver and the owner of the taxi, María Lucila Balton, who learned what happened thanks to the media. Claudio Daniel Rímolo, be indicted for the crime of “attempted murder” by the lawyer of the driver assaulted – Francolino Martin – who pointed out that the man after the incident went on the run.” He told the woman that she is owner of the taxi who had an accident and tells the other person escaped, and in the video is that it is not so. That assaults and gives to the leak was the taxi driver. I’m going to order the detention, by hindering the prosecution and risk of flight”, the lawyer told TN. From the Secretary of transportation of the city reported that professional Rímolo enablement license shall be suspended, for what will not be allowed to operate a taxi until justice rule on his guilt. The cause is death by injury and damage and must be presented to the public prosecutor no. 12 in the city of Buenos Aires.

Claudio Daniel Rímolo, the driver of the taxi María Lucila Balton (39), the owner of the taxi, said that Rímolo sent him a message of WhatsApp to 1042 on Saturday saying that “had broken the windshield” and “had it collided into the rear of the vehicle” reason by which the trunk not closed.” When she asked him for other vehicle data, the taxi driver responded: “Went on the run”. Rímolo commanded him to Balton vehicle by crane and Balton called to question him that he has not gone to deliver it in person. Rímolo apologized with that was in the clinic of hope and healing wounds. She could never be with him. That day or the following day.

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