translated from Spanish: Pelé presented improvements after being hospitalized for a urinary tract infection

then you have postponed its presentation in France by one brand publictaria that would unite it with the PSG star, Pele traveled to Europe to be present, but the Andorra hours of the meeting should be admitted to observation by a urinary tract infection, a situation that is already complicated it on more than one occasion. Three day have been within the sanatorium, the Brazilian Star sent a message on your social networks, where sums up that it is in good condition and also dared to put a joke for the tranquility of their fans.

Muito obrigado for everything or love! Antibiotics Os estão fazendo efeito e os exames estão all ☑. Eu estou me feeling muito melhor e estou soon for jogar o de novo! -Pelé (@Pele) 5 April 2019 «thank you for all the love. The antibiotics are working and exams are all well. I I’m feeling much better and I think I’m ready to play! «, published O Rei Twitter.Por account the moment was not reported on the date on which will have the medical discharge and by which will return to Brazil, continuing recovery and avoiding return to» have so long journeys that they wear out at age 78.

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