translated from Spanish: The third series of «The Walking Dead» is confirmed with new details

«The Walking Dead» franchise continues to grow and this time is the turn of the third «spin-off» (a term used to describe a new detached series original) this h history which started in 2010. Although initially the events and main characters were based on the eponymous comic, its television counterpart evolved to develop her own universe independent of the original material. Thus was born «Fear The Walking Dead» in 2015, a series with completely original characters that exploited the premise of a world on the brink of the Apocalypse zombie, prior to the events of the main story.

Part of the appeal of «Fear the Walking Dead» is in their great female characters the curiosity to know what had happened in that temporary ellipsis between Rick Grimes went to the hospital and broke out the plague that ended with the civilized world was much, and 10 million d and spectators gave him a chance this series with new characters and a different dynamic. However, interest is not held at that level, and for the second season of «Fear The Walking Dead» audience was down 3 million – excellent numbers for any series, but far from the expectations of the channel. The second spin-off of The Walking Dead takes place on the other side of the map, on the United States West Coast, and the new series would be located in Virginia, only two States of Rick Grimes and company. This feeds speculation that some characters from the original story could happen to be part of this new release. Including Maggie (Lauren Cohan), a favorite of the fans, which was rather blurred in the last season. The news coincides with recent statements by the actress, who said that his character is more alive than ever and we will continue seeing her. And on the other hand echoes the words of Angela King, showrunner of the post-apocalyptic series, who earlier had said that they have a «great story» planned with Maggie. His exact words were «We have a very strong story arc with Maggie,» which continues to encourage the hopes of the fans. 

Maggie (Lauren Cohan), the possible character of the third series Cohan currently is starring in «Whiskey Cavalier», a Spy comedy with Scott Foley that, according to experts in analysis of audiences, would be about to be cancelled. Executives from AMC, the chain issued two series of the franchise «The Walking Dead» in their country of origin, confirmed this morning that this new fiction debut in 2020 and its plot will revolve around two young female characters. Although they kept the details to a minimum, is known that some of the women represented in the last seasons of the two series had very good impact with the public, which encouraged them to make this decision for your next production. Sarah Barnett, President of AMC Entertainment area, said to be happy with the health of the franchise.
«We believe in the underlying vitality of the universe of The Walking Dead. It is still number one with some margin series.»

While the audience of «The Walking Dead» levels declined in the last time, this is not unusual for a series that has been more than eight years on the air. To this day, it remains one of the most-watched American television programs and also one of the most expensive level ads. It is estimated that a package of advertising for this last season has an approximate cost of nearly half a million dollars. Between the three series, they could brand new episodes in almost every week of the year and attract new advertisers. The new spin-off will be a co-creation between Scott Gimple, head of content of The Walking Dead, and Matt Negrete, who is writing and producing since five seasons ago and will be also the showrunner for this next series. Although it has no defined title, there are ten episodes confirmed for the first season.
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