translated from Spanish: They kill Commander in Chihuahua Chihuahua, Mexico

07-Apr-2019-a commander died Sunday afternoon after an attack on the State Committee of security (CES) in the town of San Juanito, municipality of Bocoyna, in the Sierra Tarahumara.La Attorney Gener the State confirmed that aperecio police command, identified as Daniel Quintana. Police reports indicated that an armed group fired on a detachment of the CES. With this death, they added six people executed in the State of Chihuahua over the weekend. In Ciudad Juarez, a man was gunned down in the early hours of Sunday when riding in a vehicle of a transfer platform.

Photo: AFP the victim, who apparently was as a passenger, was attacked in the Infonavit solidarity Cologne, but he was pronounced dead at a police station near the Zaragoza Boulevard, a where, according to police reports, was taken by the driver of the unit for ask for help, but was pronounced dead by paramedics. While the night of Friday, also in the border town, a man was shot to death outside bar Lucky, located in the diamond Plaza, in the Avenida Tecnologico.en another event the same night, a male died bullet-riddled in a post of food at the junction of Arctic and 46 Ejidatarios in the corners Salvarcar fractionation.

Foto:AFP in addition, a man was found completed shot in a gap of fractionation riverbanks of the Bravo.En so much that in Cuauhtemoc, the General State Prosecutor’s Office in the West area reported Saturday that an individual died from wounds of firearm on the Periferi co Gómez Morín in an area close to the entrance of the Municipal Pantheon number 3. the victim, about 24 years old, had feet tied at the height of the ankles, hands tied behind his back and face covered with her own sweatshirt and transparent adhesive tape. EGFR reported that chest were observed him some black letters, apparently a message of a criminal cell.

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