translated from Spanish: Tips from an expert to taste beers

In the market, there is a varied and vast range of beers, both traditional and artisanal, so beer lovers is presents a great challenge to cope with: stop being single amateur and become great connoisseurs of this barley liquor .
To split with the challenge it is necessary to know that the key is to test and try to go grabbing taste and preferences, says Francisco Pichón, founding partner of nexus Beer, craft beer Club dedicated to the sale and marketing of small and medium-sized producers.
“One starts to calibrate the taste buds as much as Thomas different types of beer. In that sense, the beer tastings are the ideal opportunity to learn”, says founding partner of nexus Beer.
The next step is knowing where to do the tasting. “There are different groups, festivals and beer clubs. I attended several when I decided to specialize in craft beer and this experience is recommended and affordable to everyone,”he reveals.
Feedback is also important, she adds, since it is extremely fun to get together with friends or family and try between all the different types of beers. “Thus between several go commenting feelings and tastes,” he says.
“In part, so was born NexoBeer as beer Club, because the moment you need someone can give you the possibility of taking home a tremendously good beer but which is made in Valdivia, or beer of fashion but it is occurring in the North “, account pigeon.”
Something that is related to the above is the bitterness of beer. “Hops are one of the basic ingredients of beer, which gives you the level of bitterness; and it can be found in different amounts and varieties. This is the flavour that the novice consumer is not used, generating that over time acquire, or not, taste for this type of beers”, they stated since nexus Beer.
So as the small and medium producers, beer-lovers, seek to constantly improve and are sparing no effort to achieve a product increasingly better, but before that another challenge is the geographical, which is also part of the wealth of the production of craft beer. The proposal of the Group collaborative tastings, who is responsible for tasting of beers to promote beer culture, along with pubs that offer more varieties of beers from small producers, help to combat the challenge of the distances.
“What we seek with nexus Beer, is that anyone who wants to know more about beer does not have the handicap of distance and lack of knowledge. “We make the downside of seeking the best beers, go where the producers and bring their product to the undersigned together with an overview, description and matching options to turn this into an experience” concludes Pichon.

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