translated from Spanish: Bachelet calls on the Government of Mexico working with civil society

an active civil society, accompanying vulnerable groups is important for the democratic life of Mexico, assured the High Commissioner of human rights United Nations, Michelle Bachelet.
“I want to reiterate the importance of organised civil society to the democratic life of a country. Civil society can have several important roles, from activism to the accompaniment of the vulnerable groups,”said the former President of Chile.
Lee: It is wrong and unfair that AMLO generalize about civil society organizations, claim organizations the message Bachelet arrives after him President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has said that it will not support more resources to organizations or associations of civil society, or to foundations, to avoid middlemen. It’s also called “fifi” civil society.
Contrary to this, Bachelet asked the authorities “to continue collaborating with the vibrant and committed Mexican civil society, an extraordinary example of integrity and solidarity that want and need be involved in all processes of strengthening of the” human rights in the country”.
During his visit to the country, he said he had meetings in the city of Mexico, Monterrey and Saltillo with families of missing people from Mexico and Central America where expressed solidarity with causes.
Reads: Omission of the Government puts at risk the private civil society organizations financing “to the families of missing persons to breath to maintain a spirit of community, based on respect for diversity, to pave the way for” achieve its legitimate objectives,”he added.
He mentioned the importance of having an effective system of search of disappeared people and the demand for Justice, and that the wounds of the past need truth, repair the damage and the guarantee that won’t happen.
He explained that from 2013 the Committee against forced disappearance of the UN has requested a visit to Mexico that has not been able to be done, by which Bachelet invited the Government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador to date so that the Agency can go to the country.
Meeting in Saltillo, Coahuila, with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for human rights, Michelle Bachelet, to denounce and to continue bringing to light the issue of disappearances in Mexico. Photo: CEDEHM.
He said that this is part of the actions to be taken to restore the confidence of society, since there must not only be words but concrete results.
The Commissioner acknowledged that there is “frightening” figures in Mexico, as the 40 thousand missing persons, of whom a quarter of them are women.
UN will monitor national guard to respect human rights also that while there are 26,000 bodies that have not been identified and that, to date, more than 850 clandestine mass graves have been located in the country, which continues worsening with new disappearances.
“In the vast majority of cases, impunity is the rule. We ask that in the unfortunate case that people missing have disappeared, her remains are properly identified and entered in a dignified manner to their families after using all existing resources by the State. “As I said to those seeking a loved one: without you, nothing”, concluded.
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