translated from Spanish: Neo-Nazi transacted the registration of the mark “Movilh” as their own

the movement for Homosexual integration and Liberation (Movilh) reported that an alleged member of a neo-Nazi organization, initiated the proceedings before the National Institute d (e) Industrial property (Inapi) of the Ministry of economy to register as their own “Movilh” brand. The Movilh said that already contacted the Inapi to “reverse the onslaught of hate”, adding that this person once burned the Torah and tends to publish photographs with opponents to LGBTI rights, such as the Evangelical Deputy Eduardo Durán and José Antonio Kast. The spokesman of Movilh, Oscar Remeteria, said that “today we have taken note of this abusive behavior that clearly is motivated by hatred of diversity and discrimination and whose clear intent is to denostar the name of our Organization, as well as” appropriating illegitimately thereof”. He added that “our lawyer, Mónica Arias, has already started negotiations with Inapi, to ensure the proper use of our acronym and prevent a neo-Nazi placed it in any category.” “We are confident a good reception, because the Inapi’s duty to ensure that the registration of a mark is actually own and which does not have a malicious purpose, as it clearly in this case”. INAPI welcomed handling the registration of the mark “Movilh” requested by lights Assembly, on 10 January. “Moreover, this subject also started the paperwork to register the mark”Socialist Party”,”PS”and”Corporation Universidad Bolivariana”, added the Movilh. The individual in question has also been repeatedly against migrants, the LGBTI movement and the Jews, to the point that once came to the end of burn the Torah. In an interview published by, armed lights held the historic leader of Movilh, Rolando Jiménez, “suffers from heterofobia, gives terror to indoctrination efforts, don’t beyond effect of 1%. (…) “there are thousands, or millions of gays who are men and women very serious and respectful, and hate the idea of LGBT adoption”. Finally, the subject added “are organizations lobbyists who take advantage of minorities, and profit from them; with his misfortunes, and hence profit (…) the politicians; centre-right and left; they rub their hands, and no doubt seek vote, passing laws that are not necessary, that the problem is not arranged, and that the country does not need.”

Original source in Spanish

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