translated from Spanish: “Not it seeks to restore tenure” insulated the

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said that it is untrue that look for reset the payment of vehicle ownership at the federal level, as the Assistant Secretary of Hacienda, Arturo Herrera was.
“Yesterday said that it will restore the tax’s tenure, that is not true, that wanted our adversaries, are here to stay with the desire to”, said at a Conference.
However, the proposal comes from the Secretariat of finance and public credit (SHCP) and of the Chamber of Deputies, who raise return across the country collecting tenure to motorists, as well as to generalize the collection of property taxes.
This proposal was unveiled yesterday at the second Forum of legislators in commodity finance.
According to Arturo Herrera, if ownership and property taxes returned to charge across the country, there would be a collection of 120 thousand to 250 thousand million pesos.
Read: Plates issued in the States, passport to evade checking and holding in the CDMX Undersecretary of finance recalled that in 2008, when ownership was still a federal tax, it helped spending States since 100% of the proceeds was exercised by themselves.
Lopez Obrador endorsed its commitment to that not raise fuel prices in the country and reaffirmed nor increase in taxes in the country there will be no creation of new levies.

It says @lopezobrador_ which is false to be sought to re-establish the payment of vehicle ownership at the federal level.
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