translated from Spanish: Regina Blandón discusses the controversial case of Pablo Lyle

Regina Blandón who is a friend and colleague of actor Pablo Lyle who is in legal trouble in Miami, Florida for the death of a man he hit in a traffic incident spoke on the controversial case.» «Yes I already send you all my love, my thousands of kisses and that all my good vibes power is a cool Max I’d like it a lot and we hope that everything resolves soon», said Regina Blandón to Ventaneando.Recordemos that both actors shared credits in film Mirreyes vs godinez, which was a great success at the box office even though the second part could risk due to the delicate situation facing the histrion. It is noteworthy that yesterday the judge that Pablo Lyle will pay a deposit of $50,000 also is forbidden to leave the country if he is under house arrest since his next hearing is the first of May.
The Pablo Lyle facts his way to Miami Airport to return to the city of Mexico, but a traffic incident made to discuss with a male senior, who claimed him by the mirror of the truck traveled where the actor that this fell from the unid Ad hitting in the face of Cuban-born man who later died in a hospital.

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