translated from Spanish: Resort more citizens to the TECDMX

city of Mexico.-during the presentation of the annual report in 2018, the judge President of the Court election of the city of Mexico, Gustavo Anzaldo, stressed that last year promoted cases were attended mainly by citizens. This, because of the 818 records open in 2018, 46.8 per cent corresponded to complaints filed by citizens, while 44.7 per cent were promoted by political parties and 8.1 per cent by the Instituto Electoral of the city of Mexico (IECM).» This is a fact that reveals that the electoral justice no longer has as its main actors to the political parties, but it increasingly more citizenship draws near to the jurisdictional tutelage which dispenses this Court», Anzaldo said.
Of these, most were promoted by men (28.9 per cent), 16.6 per cent women and 1.3 per cent jointly. Most of the sessions to resolve cases corresponded to private meetings (83) instead of public meetings (63), which resulted in 249 special proceedings of 26,36 per cent that the reason was given to the plaintiffs.

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