translated from Spanish: The Government announced an increase to State employees

the Deputy Head of Cabinet, Andrés Ibarra, said that the Government will grant “any salary complement” to State workers “as part of the joint 2018”, and said that “between today’s or mana NA”will be released”anything new”.
“Yes, we are working on some wage supplement as part of the joint of 2018 and this afternoon we have a meeting on the matter”, said Ibarra in the Casa Rosada.

As it transpired, it would be a wage increase of 3% increase, what is would add a $2000 bonus and an increase in the attendance award. 
“The official assessed that”is very important confirmation of the disbursement by the (International Monetary Fund”, 10.870 billion dollars.” That is the confirmation of approval and the permanent gaze on the Argentine program,”he said regarding this disbursement.

He added that in terms of the rate of inflation “of course” the Government would like to “which converges much faster down”, but it assumed that it is not only “a monetary phenomenon”, but it is “a structural phenomenon” that comes from “80 years”. Ibarra said that the Government remains “to fund structural deficit program zero and primary surplus for the coming year”. Said, the program “will be meeting to strictly it is necessary condition for the management of the economy and for monetary help to converge at a rate of inflation down that also has been met”. Respect to the fall of the fundraising, Ibarra said that this issue “is part of the program but there is no new tax”.” We hope to all of this converges reasonably”, said at the time announced that”the good news is that there was growth in production between January and February”and expect the same will happen in marzo-febrero. In this note:

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