translated from Spanish: A suicide scene, hidden in Fortnite

Tuesday after The Block, the space on the map of Fortnite destined to show some of the creations made by the community in creative mode, has been updated with The Mysterious Mansion (La Mansion my teriosa), an enormous mansion which did not seem to have anything special beyond the building itself. However, this week The Mysterious Mansion was removed from the map and replaced by Tropical Treetops, another creation of the community. The reason: inside the mansion the FuryLeaks creator included a scene of suicide which was discovered and reported by some players.
The own FuryLeaks shows the scene in a tour of its creation posted on his Twitter account at the end of last month. In it you can see, in the basement of the mansion, a body hanging from a beam and a Chair fall at his feet. «The version that was on the map of Fortnite was not exactly equal because it did not include the body hanging from the rope, but still drew the attention of the user u/req-q of the Forum Reddit.» EPIC should check the maps before putting them into The Block,»the user wrote. «Someone was hung here.»

The scene captured by Reddit user | Image: Reddit after the publication of the message, Epic Games proceeded to revert the content of The Block to the old stage without issuing a statement on the matter. After the publication of the story, the company confirmed that The Mysterious Mansion was eliminated because it not complied with guidelines for content creation. Who Yes spoke immediately was the creator FuryLeaks. In dialogue with the portal Polygon assured that everything was a misunderstanding, since presumably the House shows the consequences of an earthquake.» The Chair was going to hang on the rope but fell,»he said. «I made a joke in a video with someone hanging off it, but is not supposed that it would be as well.» In this note:

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