translated from Spanish: Clash between police and gunmen left three civilians dead and one wounded officer, Jacona, Michoacán

home security clash between police and gunmen left three civilians dead and an officer wounded, Jacona, Michoacán Jacona, Michoacan.-on Wednesday morning, gunmen clashed with shots against elements of the Michoacan police in the Bower I the fractionation of this municipality in Jacona. After the scuffle, the three alleged assailants were killed and an officer was injured.
It transpired that the patrol vessels performed patrols in the quoted urban settlement, where on the Iztaccihuatl volcano Street observed armed, same subjects that noticing the police presence they entered a building and started shooting against the agents.
The elements of public security repelled the assault and during the exchange of fire the 3 civilians were killed, being secured in place two long guns and a short caliber 22 mm, as well as 5 kilograms of marijuana.

Similarly, Government sources confirmed that derived from the confrontation an official police was transferred to the ISSSTE Hospital, since he had a grazed in the right hand, being reported as stable health.
So far the deceased are of unknown quality. The facts he learned the Regional Prosecutor’s Office of the Justice staff took to undertake the respective proceedings.

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