translated from Spanish: Government does not have data programs announced

the federal Government does not have information on programs, strategies and statements made by the own President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and his Cabinet, as previous request of information, says the “absence” of official data.
For example, on January 27, in the ‘Athens of Sinaloa’ – as recalled Beatriz Gutiérrez who called him Mocorito-, the writer and director of the Fondo de Cultura Económica, Paco Ignacio Taibo II, defined the objective of the new national defense strategy: we will make a great Republic of readers.
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador explained why it was essential to achieve this goal: the new Government sought the welfare of the soul. In the event public even outlined three guiding axes of the strategy: focus on children and adolescents as readers, that the books have more affordable prices, and promote reading through a campaign of communication media.
However, the national strategy of reading there is no.
Upon request via transparency “the complete document, goals, objectives, population is directed, budget planned to operate, work and implementation plan”, the Ministry of culture recognized that the federal Government has not yet with the Strategy.
“Area which is preparing the formal document of the strategy is the national coordination of historical memory and Cultural of Mexico,” he said on March 28 in its reply.
“Such coordination is directly attached to the Office of Presidency of the Republic and not to the Ministry of culture, for what, so you will have access to the information required, it is suggested to enter a new request for information to” said obligated subject,”he added.
Also consulted Social communication of the Fondo de Cultura Económica, but response was that that dependence is not who heads the plan, but – as Secretary of culture – the national coordination of historical memory, attached to the Presidency.
However, the Presidency Office said that it is not competent to meet the request for information on the national strategy of reading or the plans of the national coordination of historical memory. Furthermore, it justified has no legal obligation to have documents on what the President says. 
The office concluded his response saying that to know the national reading strategy it is necessary to make inquiries and consult with the Ministry of culture, the obligated subject – said – in charge of those data.
But this is not the only case of programmes or strategies presented by President López Obrador or any member of the federal Government, resulting in the “absence” of official information that supports what they are, how they will operate or the allocated budget.
The main argument of the Office of the Presidency is that while Lopez Obrador speaks of programs to the general public, there is no obligation to have documentation regarding the.
“There is no legal provision which imposes the duty to this subject must have inputs or the documentary support on the topics covered in speeches and public messages from the holder of the Executive Federal”, it said quoting a resolution from 2013 of the Institute National access to information (INAI, then IFAI).
plan to hire grassroots health workers
on 27 January in Guasave, Lopez Obrador said there was across the country 80 thousand workers of the health sector – hired as possible or by fees-which would be regularized During his six-year term, and repeated it five days later in his morning Conference.
“In the middle of this year starts a plan in the Northwest to regularize health to all workers in the sector,” he said on 1 February.
In response to formal requests made to the Secretariat of health and the Presidency for that plan, the Government acknowledged that it does not yet exist or has the data about where they are or in what areas they use to those supposedly 80 thousand temporary workers.
“The Administration and finance unit and the General direction of coordination of projects and operation said not having the information described in history I to present written; every time that this does not work in your files, in consequence, be declared formally the absence of the information requested”, said health on March 6.
He subsequently confirmed that the Declaration of absence was both the plan of basificacion for information on casual workers.
Furthermore, the Office of President was declared incompetent to meet the request, despite the fact that its rules of procedure, in article 18, fraction VII, established as one of the functions of the coordination of social “expand and, where appropriate, specify the” information related to the positions of the Federal Government”.
After an appeal for review before the INAI, you determine the obligation to have documentary support on announcements of the President, and added that “such information is related to an act which still not has taken place, and therefore has not yet been generated the Info” ion required”.
program while the federal Government presented last March a programme of sustainable fisheries for the upper Gulf of California that seeks to develop the region and protect the vaquita marina, four units for upper Gulf and vaquita marina
key to this strategy indicated that they do not have information about the project.
To ask information on goals, actions, costs and beneficiaries of this new program in the upper Gulf of California, dependencies noted have no information and were limited to give figures or years previous related documents with the conservation of the vaquita marina.
The Secretariat of environment and natural resources (Semarnat), the main responsible for this program, answered by the National Commission for the knowledge and use of biodiversity (CONABIO) that “has no information about the comprehensive program for the” Sustainability fisheries in the upper Gulf of California”.
Instead, he suggested to request the information to the National Commission of natural protected Areas (Conanp) and the Ministry of agriculture and Rural Development (Sader).
On these units the answers were also negative. Conanp delivered March 21 a response in which he declared “non-existent documentation required”, and said that it did not have linked data. This despite the fact that was one of the dependencies that presented the program.
The Sader, through the National Commission of aquaculture and Fisheries said that “in the physical and digital archives of this General direction, not work information required by the applicant” and declared incompetent to deliver the requested information. He even explained that this was to Semarnat.
Communication Social Sader refused, in addition, give an interview or program details.
The National Institute of fisheries (Inapesca) also determine to give information in this regard, despite being involved in the new strategy of the federal Government, and only suggested to consult the Ministry of environment.
According to the federal Government, in this program also involved the Navy, the secretariats of welfare, public security and Foreign Affairs as well as the Governments of Sonora and Baja California. But that lead the plan do not have information in this regard.

gasoline pipes plan DN-III before the problem of shortages of fuel that was experienced last December and January as part of the strategy against the theft of oil, Lopez Obrador announced on January 18 the purchase of at least 500 pipes (s (in tender of means), to transport gasoline, and the hiring of 2,000 drivers.
The handling of the pipes and the training of drivers would be in charge of the Secretariat of national defense (Sedena) as part of an activation of the Plan DN-III. However, a request for information, army responded that he had no documents on the activation and implementation of the plan.
The Plan DN-III is activated, at the request of the President, in cases of disaster, “disturbing” agents of natural origin or result from human activity, which cause damage and exceed the capacity of a community response, so the military come to provide aid to the population.
Among the disasters that can be met, is the “disruption of public services”, among other situations affecting the supply of fuels.
Political animal called defence January 22 via transparency “copy of the application or document with which Sedena activated the Plan DN-III, for the supply of fuel in the country and that the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador has spoken “, in his morning lectures”.
At a press conference later, on 21 February, the owner of the unit, Luis Cresencio Sandoval, confirmed that the Plan DN-III had been activated since January 17.
In response to the request for information dated on March 5, the secretariat replied to had no documents confirming that you had activated the emergency plan.
“Is made of their knowledge that after an exhaustive search for information on the greater State of national defense, was not located any document that can respond to your request, that this Ministry has activated the” plan DN-III E, for the supply of fuel in the country”, said the national defense.
A revision to the official journal of the Federation, nor found any notice that the Sedena activate the plan, before the shortage.
Government is unknown to many migrant children studying in Mexico, as they face the challenge of learning without support
who recruits migrants to the caravan?
the past 28 of faithbrero, at a meeting in Washington with us authorities, the Ministry of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, blamed the civilian organization Pueblo Sin Fronteras recruit Central American migrants for the caravans that cross Mexico and looking to the northern border with United States.
Later, in a radio interview on March 1, tying ropes, Radio Formula program, and hosted by Denise Maerker, the Ministry of the Interior said even that have “devastating evidence” that the participation of peoples without borders in the massive recruitment of migrants.
“We have many elements. However, for privacy reasons, I prefer not to give specific details. But the evidence that we have is devastating,”said lamb, who also pointed out that this alleged recruitment is done through deceptions so that people migrate in a caravan and not” orderly, safe and regular, “as a aims to the Mexican Government.

Animal politician
requested via transparency to the Ministry of the Interior any documentary evidence, that is, pictures, documents, videos, etc., supporting the participation of peoples without borders in the recruitment of migrants.
Segob delivered the request to two instances that depend on it.
One was the National Commission to prevent and eradicate violence against women (CONAVIM); which, when an instance whose main focus of work is not migration, replied that, for obvious reasons, do not have the information.
“Do not have the information requested with respect to documents, etc, that proves the saying of the Ministry of the Interior about the peoples without borders organization is organized by migrant caravans entering Mexico”, replied.
And the other was the unit of migration policy, which, although if it has jurisdiction over the immigration issue, answered neither featuring information on the subject.
“Immigration policy unit does not monitor any civil society organization, nor nor collects or documents the performance of any of them,” said immigration policy unit.
Before these responses of Segob, Animal politician sought, through social communication of the dependency, posture or comment. But there was no response.
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