translated from Spanish: The arrival of the DEBATE in the region triggered sports euphoria

Guamuchil, Sinaloa-the arrival of the DEBATE to Guamuchil caused great revolution in citizenship in the region, but impacted above all strong in the sports world, as both guys and gr andes wanted to adorn the pages of this means of communication, which was not the case in other newspapers. Filiberto Inzunza, the first reporter and editor of the sports section, said that the football of the neighborhoods was the first competition organized by the DEBATE, tournament that was not known and that when it was launched was a success, even though it was only in the category First force. As effervescence rose tone, then children and young people began to demand their own competence, were granted and the number of participating teams surprisingly reached 80.Pese which Filiberto Inzunza was the only reporter deportivo at the beginning of the DEBATE, disciplines such as baseball, volleyball, boxing and basketball also had their journalistic coverage, and this made a good number of merchants turn to see the teams to support and sponsor them with uniforms, because they wanted their name to appear in the press.
THE DEBATE generated much excitement in the region, because athletes saw your posted picture, your information and that was excited, since in other local newspapers it was not happening.   For his part, Rosario “Chico” Leyva, who was in charge of sports promotion, States that thanks to EL DEBATE sport was modernized in the region and gave guideline to Salvador Alvarado, Angostura and Mocorito sounded at the State level, since the organizers to see that There was here an important media were encouraged to bring State campetencias and Guamuchil drew even in the large cities of Sinaloa, proof of this is the Vuelta, where participating brokers from different parts of the Mexican Republic, In addition to local expertise as the Box of the neighborhoods, soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, swimming, among others.

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