translated from Spanish: The NBA star who refused to participate in Space Jam with LeBron James

in terms of achievements, personal records and their blast media that positioned him as the best player of the century, LeBron James NBA has earned its place for quedars e with the protagonist in Space Jam 2, the next installment of Warner, who will return to the screen after 23 years. What appeared to be a simple task for the ballers of the Los Angeles Lakers, however, turned out to be a problem that opens a new internal between the ego of the players and the winner menatlidad of them. It turns out that many of the Superstars of the best League in the world refuse to join him in the film.

LeBron can not bring together stars of the NBA for Space Jam. Photo: Twitter @lakers the names of many of them have not come to light, but if one did not take shame to respond his decision then his call to emerge. Giannis Antetokounmpo, just named to be the new owner of the NBA with Milwakee Bucks, went out to clarify their motives.» I do not like to be Hollywood. All the drama I don’t like extra. I’m just going to try to be myself», said Greek in an interview for ESPN. It turns out that filming the movie requires, among other things, allow two weeks of training to devote himself to cinema and in his mind to be the best, that stage is not.

Giannis Antetokounmpo fell of Space Jam 2. Photo: Instagram @bucks on the other hand, journalist Brian Windhorst was a little more to the heart of the matter and pointed out that no one wants to be «filler» LeBron James. «Some of the star players he wants to be with him in the film… «‘ I put in the movie where you are the star, I will be who’re going to be driving», said the coach. For the first version of the film, Jordan had many fewer disadvantages, and even none of the players had to bancar «H.m.» to humiliate them, but that they were victims of the aliens and had a secondary but participatory role. At that time participated in Charles Barckley, Patrick Ewing, Muggsy Bougues, Larry Johnson and Shawn Bradley.

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