translated from Spanish: Yucatan Congress rejects the equal marriage

the plenary of the Congress of Yucatan rejected this Wednesday, by majority vote, reform the Constitution of the State to open the process to the entity equal marriage legislation.
15 votes against, with nine in favour and a no-show, rejected the opinion – which was approved on 9 April the Commission of constitutional issues and governance – to reform article 94 of the State Constitution that says that the legal union between a couple can only be between a man and a woman.
Lee: Without discrimination: the legislative route so Yucatán can have equal marriage reform meant delete of that article the second and third subparagraphs, which reads as follows: “marriage is an institution which is established through the legal union of a man and a woman, with equality of rights, duties and obligations, with the possibility of generating human reproduction of free, responsible and informed manner. The State recognizes that it is of vital interest to the society, where the union of man and woman for procreation, established limits in terms of the age and physical and mental health. Concubinage is the union of a man and a woman, those free from marriage, who live as spouses and can generate a family, in the terms established by the law.”
The text of this article was established in Yucatecan legislation in July 2009, once the Organization of civil society network Pro Yucatan raised more than nine thousand signatures and submit them to Congress to request that you restricting civil marriage only to heterosexual couples.
The vote of the deputies and members held in secret, on the proposal of the directive table of Congress, composed of the PRI, Enrique Castillo Ruz; the Pan Rosa Adriana Díaz Lizama, President and Vice President, respectively, as well as lilac cold Castle, the PRI and Víctor Sánchez Roca, of the PAN, as secretaries.
See also: Congress of Yucatán relegates egalitarian marriage approval; CONAPRED requires it to respect rights of the citizen movement party Deputy, Silvia López Escoffié proposed that the vote will take place form open in order that the citizens know the position of each Member of the legislature.
In response, the President of the Board pointed out that the decision to do so in secret responded to ensure thatto be a subject of great interest, deputies and deputies can manifest without any kind of social pressure and in total freedom” your vote on the initiative”.
The panista Diaz Lizama, who had made public its position of rejection of the reform from the previous month, voted against during the session in which the reform is ruled.
During the vote, Diaz Lizama also proposed to the Presidency to withdraw to the cameramen and photographers from media outlets that were close to the legislative Gallery so that they could take images that show the meaning of the vote each Congresswoman or Congressman, which was carried out.
Given the results, the representative of the group for the protection of all families in Yucatán, Carlos Escoffié Duarte said that the decision of the majority of the Yucatecan Congress “seems an attack on families in Yucatán”.
“While there are second families (in the State) and that they do not have the same proportion of legal recognition cannot be said that there is a protection Yucatecan families”, explained.
In this regard, he explained that it is contradictory that the protection of families is the argument of legislators and civil society organizations who have rejected the recognition of the right to any person without distinction of sex or gender definition.
“It is contradictory because it excludes and pushes people versus different rights that also look them restricted as a result of this, as the heritage of social security, work and migration, just to name a few”, said Escoffie Duarte.
He clarified that for the collective protection of all families in Yucatan today in Congress’s decision “is not the end. We do not arise to follow one legislative process nothing more, but will continue and are not going to break us down until it recognizes the right of everyone to form a family.”
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