translated from Spanish: Brazil prepares the remake of «4 x 4», after its premiere in Argentine theaters

the film by Mariano Cohn («illustrious citizen»), «4 x 4» not only installed a debate tables and homes but that also interested at the international level. The argument settled in different cities, crossed borders and encouraged Brazil to prepare his own remake. The plot convinced several countries, so there are proposals to carry out in Mexico, United States, England, Italy and Japon.peter Lanzani is Cyrus, a young man who tries to steal a van. What seems a routine activity for it will turn into a nightmare, since when you want to go you can’t. It is enclosed and who is out, has control.

In its Brazilian remake, the protagonist will be responsible for Chay Suede, 26-year-old, renowned for making the adaptation of «Rebelde Way», among other soap operas. Dady Brieva character is in the hands of Alexandre Nero, popularly known for his work in film, television and theatre. In addition, he received a nomination to an International Emmy for his work on A Regra do Jogo, one of the most popular telenovelas from Brazil which aired by Rede Globo in 2015 and 2016.Sin however, Luis Brandoni paper will be not performed by a man , but by a woman: Mariana Lima, who has extensive experience in television, film and theatre.

The shooting of the film will adopt the procedure of production of the argentina version model: built a street of 200 meters on each side in the image and likeness of a neighborhood on the outskirts of Sao Paulo. Four trucks that were scrapped so it can enter the camera and filming the shots were also used. It is estimated that the film will reach Brazilian cinemas to year. It will be headed by João Wainer, one of the most recognized journalistic photographers of Brazil – for its performance in the newspaper Folha do Sao Paulo–that will debut in the direction.

They released a remake of «4 x 4» in Brazil the production of the film is all teamwork. Art director is Billy Castilho, the soundman is Romeu Quinto, the most important of Brazil, the director of photography is Leo Ferreira and the direction of production is the legendary Tim Maia, which made more than 70 films, including the video clip «They Don’t Care About Us» , Michael Jackson, directed by Spike Lee in the slum of Dona Marta in Rio de Janeiro.Cabe to remember, that the producer is Rosembak doubt because he had worked with Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat (director and producer in the Argentine version) in his film co-production above, «My masterpiece».

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