translated from Spanish: Confirmed another death by hantavirus in Tandil

Guillermo Ariel Maldonado, 34, died this week in Tandil hantavirus. During the summer there was a very important outbreak that caused 15 deaths in Argentina and several infections carried out since November of last year. The Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome by (SPH) is a disease transmitted by rodents and caused by a virus of the genus Hantavirus.Maldonado entered Municipal Hospital “Ramón Santamarina” Saturday March 30 with fever and diarrhea. “Guard physicians gave him some pills, the diarrhea passed but still with fever by what came back to go checked it. There he was given an injection to lower the temperature and told that the pills which was taking every 6 hours, take them every 4 “, explained the father of the victim in dialogue with the local newspaper”The echo”. Specialists believed that it was pneumonia, and that is what was informed to the family in the first instance. But then confirmed hantavirus infection.” Neither authorities nor the municipality wants to know, if so would you would you get this information to the citizens of Tandil, but not. Guille worked in the Center and lived in the city, not in the suburbs or in rural area. It is not to scare you, it is to prevent. So there is no Guille more. “So nobody loses his friend as I lost to the mine”, said Agustina Lezica in Facebook. 

“We don’t know how it could have contracted this symptom,” said the father of Maldonado, “what if I say is that the attention that was given at the hospital was very bad, was two days without medication”.
“When they started to give medication already had taken the lungs”, concluded.

Bromatology is carrying forward research to determine where it might have infected and that for them the victim had “some work risk” which might have been focus of infection – although this family and friends deny this-.

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