translated from Spanish: CUT in unemployment: “The Government is concerned guarantee gains 1% richer of Chile”

The approval to the idea of legislating the tax reform of the Government, voted this week in the Finance Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, marked stop asset convened this day by the Confederation of Trab ajadores (CUT).
On the occasion, the President of the CUT, Bárbara Figueroa, pointed out that “worries about the Government that citizenship should not partake of the debates of the discussion of the Government’s initiative” and said that “when one ends up feeling that, in Chile, it is more important to discuss” how we guarantee you profits of Chile’s richest 1% and jobs not that are missing or that there are high levels of indebtedness, that generates rage, helplessness and outrage”.
That is why, in the mobilization, the multisindical demanded that the Government of Sebastian Pinera “change the focus of their efforts, decrees and legislative proposals because they go against the interests and rights of workers and workers of the country”.
Stop active had a March that brought at least some 7,000 people by the Alameda, which was attended by the National Confederation of Municipal Health (Confusam), student movements, and also the National Association of fiscal employees (ANEF).
With banners that read “No more AFP’s” (Pension Fund), “Enough of hikes and abuse”; “For fair wages and defend the work”, workers asked mainly by better salaries and good retirement.
Also mobilized workers in 29 cities of Chile, while is informed of incidents between the police and protesters.

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