translated from Spanish: Eliminate engineering degree at a school in Morena

Andres is 26 years old. Little more than two years ago it began the career of computer engineering campus Heberto Castillo, one of the universities in Morena and whose main driving force was the Secretary of communications and transport, Javier Jiménez Espriú.
He believed in the project because it meant the chance to change his life. From the age of 13 he was gang member and in addition to consume drugs and “dock”, had left school, but in 2016 it wanted to “give a chance to the knowledge and appeared this option to fall from the sky”, says the young man.
He advanced to the fourth semester and for the first time felt that respect earned by his skill in mathematics and not by blows that could throw at the fights. He was also proud that it would be the first in his family to have a college degree. At the end he planned to start a business so that, in addition to live by it, give employment opportunity to residents of Tlahuac, demarcation where you live.
But their hope was cut short.
In January should sign up to the fifth semester, but there was no announcement on the campus. Teachers told her that you should register on the platform of Regional Centre for Latin America (Crefal) Fundamental education, because the school would be incorporated into the Benito Juarez University program as part of the 100 new campuses of the Government Federal.
January 31, tried to do so, but their campus, listed on the page, no longer offered a career in computer engineering, but electrical-mechanical engineering. Teachers said that he inscribed, to secure its place, and then you would see what was happening with the race.  
Days later he and the rest of his companions learned that his career would disappear because there were only less than a dozen students and had no budget, even though it worked thanks to the donations of legislators of Morena, and despite the fact that this year it would be a or of the campuses of the Federal Government.
In an email sent by Raquel Sosa, Coordinator of the universities and who had also coordinated the project of the schools of Morena, he explained: “we will do everything in our power to achieve that students who studied both” racing to join schools that we have elsewhere. “Engineering Civil, for example, is taught in Texcoco, and career of computing will become the same campus of Tlahuac, electrical-mechanical engineering”.
“By decision of the authorities of the campus, (computer engineering) career is not recorded before the SEP and, therefore, we will have to make a big effort for the revalidation of studies at other campuses. I deeply regret any inconvenience this may cause”, says the mail signed by Sosa.

fraud even though only 18 students remained on campus, are 18 young people who believed in the project that Morena offered as an educational opportunity after not be able to enter schools of high demand such as the UNAM and IPN. Three years ago, during the inauguration, Jimenez Espriu told them that “this is not a school of rejected, it is a school for those who have no opportunity to study”.
Joshua, sixth semester of engineering student, is disappointed. “Parents even attended the school to ask about the recognition of official validity of studies of the type top (RVOES) during the first semesters and the director, Jorge Raus García, asked to trust that would get the record soon because” It was pending”, but never got it. The school taught courses without registration’s validity.
This also ended up affecting them at this time, because after disappearing race, went to the Ministry of education for help. The Undersecretary of higher education, Luciano Concheiro, proposed to incorporate them into the technological of Tlahuac, where engineering is taught and is part of the system of national Tecnologico de Mexico of the SEP.
However, his studies have no official validity, because the school was not recognized. Students were left empty-handed after the decision to disappear the race without any explanation.
Adrian, another of the students, says Raquel Sosa is betraying the precepts by the President “not to lie, not to betray”. They feel cheated because bet on this model of education and now feel disappointed.
It is assumed that the idea of schools in Morena, as now the 100 universities program is to move young people from drug addiction or crime. Take a choice of education to underserved areas, but what we are doing is to “kill our dreams. I also know what it’s like in a place such as Tlahuac, where it is easier to grab a gun than a book,”adds Andrew.
Therefore it says, requires the President and Raquel Sosa to “give face by your project. We ask education and complying with what they promised.”
Alan, another of the young people had made the entrance examination to the IPN for two years without success and saw school Heberto Castillo a golden opportunity to “be a professional and change the country”, but now he does not know what she will do. The option offered by Sosa is starting from scratch the race of electromechanics, despite the fact that has nothing to do with engineering that he was studying.
Even young people received a notice to inform you that the courses of the new race would begin on 10 April, but April 5 sent them another email telling them that “is postponed the start of activities until further notice”.
Students have gone to the SEP, have protested outside National Palace so the President becomes aware of their problems and even got an audience with the President of the Senate and former leader of Morena, Marti Batres, but so far they have not succeeded no solution.
In this pilgrimage, Andres has questioned them “really thought do a serious project or only devoted themselves to remove political raja with the Morena schools?”. Even without getting a response, the young man said he returned to the starting point: “I am nini. I was no school, no work because I bet you all this, and now I have nothing. I feel sad and angry”.
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