translated from Spanish: Facebook releases updates to combat false news

MENLO PARK, California, USA (AP) – Facebook will launch a series of updates whose objective is to combat the spread of false and damaging information on their platform, said the ALZA Les social network, which intensified its fight against the false news at a time when increases the external criticism. Updates will limit the visibility of the links that appear to be much more notable on Facebook than on the internet in general. The company will also extend its program of verification of data with external experts, including The Associated Press, to approve videos and other published materials on Facebook Facebook groups _comunidades in line to which many point to as magnets for information propagation of False _ also will be monitored more closely. If it is found that they have spread misinformation, its visibility in the wall of the users will be limited. Lawmakers and human rights groups have criticized the company for the spread of extremism and misinformation in your main website and social network Instagram.
During a hearing on Tuesday about the spread of white nationalism, members of Congress questioned a Facebook representative about how the company avoids that violent material is uploaded and shared on the site. In another hearing of a Subcommittee of the Senate on Wednesday, expected lawmakers to ask the company about allegations that social networks have prejudices against conservatives. The most recent goals expressed by the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg _, which emphasize messages private and encrypted _ will no doubt represent a challenge for the company when you try to remove problematic material. Guy Rosen, Vice President of integrity of Facebook, acknowledged the challenge in a Wednesday meeting with the press at the headquarters of Facebook in Menlo Park, California. He pointed out that a balance between the protection of people’s privacy and public safety is “something with which societies have fought for centuries”.

Facebook logo on the poster of Nasdaq in Times Square, New York, on March 19, 2019. (AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

“Rosen said that the company is focused on make do the best job possible”when Facebook evolves into private communication”, but he gave no more details.” It is something that will work, working with experts outside the company,”he said. The aim is to “ensure that we take very informed decisions to get this process”, it added.

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