translated from Spanish: Ignite plastic in Uruapan, Michoacán

Uruapan, Michoacan.-a recycler of plastic caught fire since the flames of a burning of grassland reached it on the free road to Lombardy, opposite the Municipal slaughterhouse of Uruapan, where different corporations firefighters were mobilized, given that the fire threatened to affect other properties including houses.
The accident was reported by residents of the colony La Loma and merchants located on federal rua. Later elements of the relief Corps came to the business of buying and selling and recycling of plastic, where it left a huge column of black smoke that could be seen from the four cardinal points of the municipality.
The site became elements of the voluntary Corps of firefighters of Uruapan, who were supported by firefighters because of the strong contingency, while paramedics from different corporations remained in expectation now that the they rose rapidly in height with the risk that meant for the inhabitants of the surrounding houses.
After a couple of hours of work, rescuers suffocated the flames and gave advice to citizens avoid burning grassland and if you try to make a controlled burning, take appropriate considerations.
Later Salvador Murillo Aguilar, Commander of BPU, unveiled 14 elements of the Corporation worked to put out the fire.

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