translated from Spanish: Influencer cry shattered to see that they removed your Instagram account

Instagram accounts for an influencer are what scissors and combs for a Barber: an indispensable work tool. This “millennial office” – If you want – emerged from the hand of the popularization of social networks and today, becomes the main source of income for many people, as Jessy Taylor.La history of this young American became news then that a film is viralizara yours in which cries shattered to learn that they had deleted his account of Instagram, which boasted over 113.000 followers.

Previous count of Jessy Taylor Instagram “am nothing without my followers, and when people try to report myself, really try to be a better person. “I want to tell all the people that are reported to me (the Bill) that think twice because they are ruining my life, because I make all my money in a way online, and don’t want to lose it”, says tearfully in the video shared via YouTube.Sin However, their statements were taken in jest, above all by a passage in which Jessy Express: “I know people and see me, defeated, to be like them, as 99%, as people who work 9 to 5, that’s not me. “I’m in Los Angeles for failure to do so, I worked very hard to get to where I am and to remove me that is the worst feeling in the world, literally stinks”.

And another that adds: “working at Mc Donald’s before becoming a youtuber and instragramer.” Before having everything in my life was a loser, not by insulting those who work there but I don’t want to go back to that life.” These phrases were criticisms of the majority not noticed the fact that more than not wanting to work, the young woman used to work as a prostitute to survive and he says “not wanting to go back to that life”.” I don’t think people understand it, this is my life, I am nothing, I was a prostitute, took me clothes every day, I don’t do more that because I make all my money online. I don’t want to go back to that life, from the bottom of my heart sucks. “For those who are denouncing me, imagine yourself in my shoes, my family left me, I betrayed all the people I met, none of you would what me being in my place”, the girl is discharged.
Now, Jessy shows your current account @duhitsjessy though it is far from 113.000 followers.

Original source in Spanish

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