translated from Spanish: Ivan Arenas Debuts his new show: “El Infartable”

Although it has no social networks nor knows well what there is, to Ivan Arenas just came the meme circulating days ago in internet and that laughs at his physical resemblance with the vocalist of Metal lica, James Hetfield, who in a photo users put the remembered Professor Rossa wig.” The picture of a type which is a guitar? I loved it, very good”, said sands hoyxhoy consulted by the meme. “But he also clarified that he had no idea who was its just like:”I have No idea what is Metallica, I stayed in Paul Anka”.” I was in the past in the music and in technology. Sometimes say me ‘send me the photo’ and I have no idea how. “And ‘tennis Facebook’ and I don’t post, I’m sorry”, said the comedian, who these days ready “Infartable”, the show that will premiere on 17 may at the theatre San Gines.por that says do not need social media to invent jokes. “Ideas are born of behavior, what you see from the street, what you hear”. An important part of the new routine is the fourth heart attack he suffered some years ago, episode which gives the name to the show. “Tell me what happened in the last heart attack”, said Rossa to Arenaswas almost a decade ago that Arenas decided to change public and devote himself to tell jokes for adults, although without forgetting Professor Rossa, every now and then up again to turn with “mansión Rossa”, show that with Don Carter and Guru Guru.” I could not tell blanquitos jokes by the fact of being Professor Rossa, I was no longer the Professor Rossa”, he commented on the moment where he decided to reinvent itself. “Ivan Arenas always told jokes, from the age of 14, not still counting them because he was Professor Rossa front of me and that prevented me to do so”, he new generations already not you recognize as Professor Rossa?Claro. Children before calling on parents take a picture with me and today are adults who want to take pictures and the children say “who is mama?”. Children do not know who I am, the tables turned.would miss a space on broadcast TV?not to look. I.e. it is never over, welcome if there is the possibility of doing something. I would not lose the thread of educational things to do and would mix it with Picardy. You would more the style of Carter, who is a rogue. And Guru would continue playing the role of the naive that do not understand and have to hide him as evil. Of course he would.

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