translated from Spanish: What is the relationship between Nicky Jam and Ulises Bueno?

go to swimming, day of cycling with friends, time for a barbecue with family; through its account of Instagram, Ulises Bueno was more intimate and personal than ever before. This facet responds to an idea that had been consolidating long: his temporary retirement from music. Through a video, the singer announced that it will turn away some time of his career to dedicate his time to other issues, such as rest and be able to share more moments with her daughter, Alma.Sin however, when he published it in social networks received the message nothing more nor nothing less than Nicky Jam, reggaeton singer author of songs like “Until dawn” or “Mischief”.
“I’m going to you, not you give up you never my bro,” wrote the musician Ulises said: “thank you Dear Nicky for your comments and for your words that wrote to me in private, really a great!” I know that your labor times are a thousand that I appreciate every word! “And all my followers want to know that the master and his words of encouragement at this time gives me strength so I this every time better”. Even so, the good news for fans is that only it is a temporary retreat, since it will soon resume the music. So made it clear in a live video questions and answers, where confirmed: “I am not going to leave the stage and won’t stop singing. This rectangle is my place in the world, where I’m really happy.” In addition, makes only matter of hours published a photo with the slogan “Back”, which displays the image of a microphone. “Very soon”, said under the heading.
Relationship of friendship?
The connection between them surprised everyone, but it is not something new. It all began when Nicky Jam made a video singing “Give old dale”, the hit of Ulises Bueno.

After that version, Quartet singer showed in their social networks singing “think in my”, the hit of Nicky Jam. Was born a friendship relationship? We do not know it, but by the time fans began to imagine a future musical collaboration. In this note:

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