translated from Spanish: After the compromise of Jennifer Lopez, more rumors of cheating

on March 9, Jennifer Lopez, and former baseball player Alex Rodríguez announced their engagement. “She said yes (she said yes)”, wrote Rodriguez next to the photo that came up to his account of Instagram showing NATO and the timing of the proposal.

After that announcement, Jose Canseco accused Rodriguez, via Twitter, to J.Lo lure with his ex-wife, Jessica Canseco.

Photo: Instagram Consultada @jlo for this reason, the artist said: “it doesn’t matter. I know what is the truth. I know what he (Alex), he knows who I am, and we are happy. We will not allow external people come to say how is our relationship. I know the relationship that we have,”in dialogue with The Breakfast Club Radio program, New York.Pero was not the only rumor that came to light, now Zoe Gregory, former Playboy Bunny, ensures that Rodriguez sent ‘messages of sexual content and explicit pictures’ u n month before asking him marriage to singer and calling him “see in person and do sexual Threesomes with a fun friend”.
“J.Lo is incredible and does not deserve this… does not seem fair that he has done all that until shortly before asking in marriage”, said Gregory.

“If Jennifer Lopez wants to these tests, get in touch with me,” said Gregory to the British newspaper Daily Mail.

Zoe Gregory, former Playboy Bunny

Original source in Spanish

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