translated from Spanish: Kill shot a man in the colonia Santa Rosa of Uruapan, Michoacán

home security kill shot a man in the colonia Santa Rosa de Uruapan, Michoacan Uruapan, Michoacan.-a dead man shot dead was found and Ste Thursday by residents of the colonia Santa Rosa, located in the city of Uruapan. The now deceased not brought any documents between their clothes identifying him, said the police. The body was transferred to the Amphitheater of the region.
The event was on the 5 South Street, where mobilized elements of public safety with the help of citizenship report. Some relief workers of this population were to review to the aggrieved confirmed that it had no vital signs and then public security officers were responsible for the chain of custody.
The experts of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the State of Michoacán inspected the crime scene and collected several indications for further analysis in the forensic laboratory. In addition, ministerial agents several interviews conducted with people in order to have more data that allow to clarify the event.
Be expected up to the local morgue beings dear victim to identify and claim it, said police controls, which added that two occurred in that town in less than five hours add with this murder. It is possible that the criminal event has to do with the settings of accounts between antagonistic criminal groups, they referred contacts.

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