translated from Spanish: Mike Pompeo described Chile as “a leader for the Venezuelan people”

“United States is a key partner for chile in various fields. (…) United States remains the leading investor in Chile. It is a very important cooperative relationship,”said the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roberto Ampuero, in the middle of Mike Pompeo’s visit to the country. In this regard, it referred to the issues addressed, highlighting the crisis in Venezuela. “An inescapable theme is the situation experienced by Venezuela Chile position is clearly to condemn the dictatorship and to defend democracy.” I reiterate that Chile encourages the search for a peaceful resolution of the crisis through free elections, transparent”, he added. In addition, he insisted that “we have many points in common” with the North American country. “To do this, we will continue to work with the Government of the United States so that the international community has a common approach”, he said. For his part, Mike Pompeo, commented that “it is the first time that I’m here in Chile and I regret not being able to be longer”. He also gave word of thanks, because he insisted that Chile, has been “a leader for the people of Venezuela”, highlighting the immigration of “many of them have arrived here as refugees”. This made reference to “in February Chile contributed many inputs” that were not admitted to Venezuela. However, it said it will meet “with Venezuelan refugees” to see how Cututa aid is distributed.

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