translated from Spanish: Numbers and curiosities of the Formula 1 coming to your GP N ° 1000 in China

by representation, global impact and for having the best drivers in history, Formula 1 has become an icon of world sport and this Sunday is run the Grand Prix 1000th since its invention around the year 1950, where Giuseppe Farina won its only title.

The Formula 1 career 1000 posters. Photo: Twitter @F1 from that initial on the circuit of Silverstone, Great Britain, starting the only one that was present in every year, until this that will be held in Shanghai, passed 1000 races with stories of rivalry that marked an era, such as James H UNT – Niki Lauda, records led by Schumacher, and tragedies like the of the legendary Ayrton Senna.

Niki Lauda and James Hunt. Photo: Twitter @F1 but without a doubt what has most attracted the attention are the quantity of numbers that has left to view Formula 1, which has in icon Ferrari as the great star to the seven decades long them, and every day manages to conquer the hearts of fanat more ICOs in the automotive world. The most curious numbers 999 races formula 1 1. Grand Prix N ° 1 and a posthumous champion the first Formula 1 race was held on May 13, 1950 in Silverstone, Great Britain with victory is llevio Giuseppe Farina. In addition, one is the number of the champion who was champion of the world post-mortem. the German Jochen Rindt won the title in 1970, but died during the race of Monza, in September of that year. His spouse, Nina Lincon, received the trofeo.5. Fangio, the five title legend accumulated Juan Manuel Fangio in his career in Formula 1. Until he won the Schumacher in 2002, the Argentine had that brand and in 2018 was achieved by the Englishman Lewis Hamilton.

Fangio, downed the world of Formula 1 legend. Photo: Twitter @F1 6. The least amount of cars that released in June 2005, Ralf Schumacher blew his rear rubber in Indianapolis tests and the teams found no safety in Michelin tires. Comings and turns, they withdrew the cars in a historic boycott and only three teams of two cars, and with Bridgestone tires, released: Ferrari, Jordan and Minardi.7. The maximum winning titles: Michael Schumacher German is undoubtedly one of the pilots most important history and above all of the Ferrari team. Throughout his career, stayed seven titles, having harvesting two with Benetton in 1994 and 1995, and five with the “Cavallino Rampante” between 2000 and 2004.10. The champions of a same country Britain is the country with largest number of runners who were champions of the world of Formula 1. Mike Hawthorn, Graham Hill, Jim Clark, John Surtees, Jackie Stewart, James Hunt, Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton.14. The GP turns more short occurred in Australia in 1991. Heavy rains forced to shut the race on several occasions and finally suspended with only 14 laps contested. The winner was the Brazilian Ayrton Senna.16. Ferrari, the boss of the consturctores the company from Maranello is the maximum winner in the competition for builders, which won six in a row between 1999 and 2004. In addition the team had 15 different champions.

A legend on wheels. Photo: Twitter @F1 18. The youngest winner at that age, Max Verstappen was able to become the youngest winner in the history of his Red Bull. It was the great prize of Spain of the season 2016.25. Argentine pilots Pablo Birger, Roberto Bonomi, Juan Manuel Bordeu, Clemar Bucci, Alberto Augusto Crespo, Jorge Daponte, Nasif Estéfano, Juan Manuel Fangio, Norberto Fontana, Oscar Alfredo Gálvez, José Froilán González, Miguel Ángel Guerra, Jesús Iglesias, Oscar Larrauri, Onofre Marimón, Gaston Mazzacane, Carlos Alberto Menditéguy, Roberto Mieres, Alfredo Pian, Carlos Reutemann, Alberto Rodriguez Larreta, Adolfo Schwelm-Cruz, Alejandro de Tomaso, Esteban Tuero and Ricardo Zunino.33. World champions from “Nino” Farina in 1950 to Lewis Hamilton passed several great champions of history. 20 of them are still alive. 7 suma Schumi, Hamilton and Fangio follow him with 5, and then comes Vettel and Prost with 4.42. Tragedies the number in which no one wants to be but that is a reality of the automotive sport. From 1960 to date, took place tremendous hits for the sport, which include that of Ayrton Senna in 1994, and Jules Bianchi, in 2014.

Ayrton Senna, the Goodbye more hard within a track. Photo: Twitter @F1 46. “The old man” at that age, Juan Manuel Fangio achieved his last world title in 1957 and so far is the older having been imposed in all the temporada.69. The years of Silverstone GP of Great Britain is the only one that took place every year on the same circuit but the island shares the title of host country with Italy. The issue is that 68 races competed in Monza, while one was in Imola (1980), now San Marino.71. Circuits distributed in 32 countries, throughout history were used that amount of official tracks for competitions Formula 1.84. “Pole” records in his victory in the classification of Bahrain this season, Lewis Hamilton became the pilot more times started first on the grid. If you manage to do so in Shanghai, you will have more poles than all his rivals on Sunday juntos.91. More Michael Schumacher wins again on scene with a wins exorbitant amount. The last signed was in 2006, in the Grand Prix of Shanghai and its closest rival is the current champion of the world, with 74.155. More podiums and whether, if not who was going to be the “Kaiser”. During his career, Schumacher managed this monstrous figure but has a giant lurking that could reach it soon. Hamilton has a mark of 134 and in 2020 could exceed it.

Schumacher, the best of all time. Photo: Twitter @F1 206. Teams throughout history, more than two hundred companies and brands put a car in the line of start. Holds the record for Ferrari that was present in 974 career of the 999 disputed until the fecha.323. He further races ran from Brazil to the world. Rubens Barrichello, recognized by his friendship with Michael Schumacher at Ferrari, is that more often ran in the Formula 1 track. Brutal, though he only won 11 times, between 1994 and 2011.764. Drivers who hopped on a Formula 1 to 999 editions of the most important tournament of cars in the world, along that was the number of runners who departed from the line. 

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