translated from Spanish: Some reflections from the comparative law on the Assange – La Opinion of Teresa Da Cunha Lopes case

pointing out, the accusation of a Federal Court of Virginia (basis for the extradition request) is surprising, because only retains the the «CFAA» violations. «I.e., falls within the hacking offences established in the» Computer Fraud and AbuseAct /CFAA «, rather than the crime of espionage» (another «statute law», used both against Chelsea Manning and Snowden, with ferocity and without hesitation).
In legal terms is «a slap in the hand» since a statement of their own Court of Alexandria the accusation boils down to a «federal charge of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion for agreeing to break a password to a classified U.S. government computer.» , with a penalty of up to 5 years. Now well, as everyone knows, when an extradition is given individual only can be tried on the charges contained in the document of extradition.
On the other hand, given the physical and mental conditions of Assange at the moment (that has been so eloquently the detail on the filtration of the medical report) and, given the characteristics of the common British law in the analysis of the request for extradition by the judge British, shall apply the criteria laid down by the decision of Lord Burnett of Maldon (Lord Ch ief of Justice) for the Lauri Love case.
IE, Assange has strong chances of not being extradited to the United States, and of being tried in the United Kingdom (remember who is citizen, also, of a country of the commonwealth). This after a long pre-processing on the question of extradition. We are talking about two to four years (at least one for the decision on extradition, and the rest for processing…).
What if Assange, that nobody will hesitate, is a circus of the affair, with the Kremlin, mature, strap S.A. de C.V. tearing clothes and working as an «ad hoc tribunal» of indictment of British justice, using social networks as a sounding board.

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