translated from Spanish: The hard accusation of belt Lenin Moreno for the arrest of Assange: «Is one of the largest Latin American history betrayal»

A personal vendetta and a betrayal.
In these terms the President of Ecuador Rafael Correa describes the expulsion of the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and his subsequent arrest on Thursday.
Belt points directly to the current President of his country, Lenín Moreno, as «one of the largest Latin American history betrayals».
In interview with the BBC in Brussels, Belgium, Correa said that the arrest of Assange not surprised, although Yes is incredible «the brutality that took place».
Matter of hours «the fate of Julian Assange was cast,» said Correa, who presided over Ecuador from 2007 to 2017.
«Since the beginning of his administration, Lenín Moreno negotiated with United States delivery of Julian Assange; that we know, it is not opinion, there is evidence.
«When he got to Paul Manafort (exconsejero of Donald Trump) may 30, 2017, eyewitnesses say that the same Lenín Moreno offered to give Julian Assange in Exchange for US to give you financial aid.» «Then last year he received the Vice President of USA, Mike Pence, and they agreed to three things: isolate Venezuela, leaving unpunished Chevron and out Julian Assange of the Embassy of Ecuador», said.
United States Vice President Mike Pence, visited Ecuador in June 2018.» Lenín Moreno is a puppet of the United States,»denounced the Uribe.
Corruption case for belt, the element that eventually accelerate the outcome on Thursday was broadcast by WikiLeaks of papers INA, a case of corruption allegedly involving Moreno and his family.
«The last factor was that WikiLeaks published a few days ago a very serious case of corruption involving the family of Lenín Moreno and own Lenín Moreno,» said the Uribe.
«It is the end for it, it will end up in jail. So, for revenge, wanted to get Assange of the Embassy before leaving the Government».
Respect for international law Correa revealed that during his presidency, the Ecuadorian Government held talks on the case, Assange, also with Sweden, «within the strict framework of mutual respect».
«We are – or we were – a sovereign country, we did not have to ask permission to anyone to grant an asylum,» explained.
Haven Julian Assange at the Embassy of Ecuador granted the Government of Rafael Correa in June 2012.» We have never wanted to prevent the course of Justice, as he was to say at a time. Sweden always could ask Julian Assange at the Embassy, as he eventually did, but after many years».
The Uribe said that his Government revised the Assange case two months before granting him asylum in June 2012 and explained why approved it.
«We do not agreed with everything what he (Assange) did. For example, I think that countries if need to keep some information confidential.
«What we wanted to prevent after studying his case is that they extradite him United States where American hawks wanted to judge him with a bill that included the death penalty.» I had no possibilities for a trial fair and could be exposed to the death penalty, which contradicts the Constitution, contradicts the Inter-American system of human rights, the Convention of San Jose, and contradicts all human rights instruments» He stressed.
What will happen to Assange former Ecuadorian President told the BBC that during his rule, both United Kingdom and United States not dared to press him directly, although there were talks between foreign ministers and ambassadors.
Rafael Correa sees inevitable Julian Assange’s extradition to the United States.» The British Government was very arrogant, they did not want to be flexible. The solution was in their hands, which would have given him a safe-conduct so abandon the Embassy,»he said.
As for what will happen with the founder of WikiLeaks now, Correa has a pretty clear picture: «I think it’s going to be extradited, hope that’s not it, but I don’t see another option. For that they threw out it of the Embassy, to deliver it to the Americans».

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