translated from Spanish: They rejected the order of Juan Ignacio Bidone as «repentant»

in the last hours, defense attorney Juan Ignacio Bidone filed the appeal so it considers it in character of «repentant» by providing information on the cause that is investigated a network of extortion and espionage, among which appears the figure of Carlos Stornelli. Despite this, the Prosecutor of the case refused to provide it. According to Juan Curi, the rejection occurred since the information provided by the lawyer so far was considered insufficient, and in the next few days will testify again before the federal judge Dolores Alejo Ramos Padilla.

Bidone was not accepted as repented by Prosecutor Juan Curi. Photo: NA Prosecutor Bidone was quoted by judge once you prove that he provided information to Marcelo D´Alessio, and that this was using it to extort, specifically migratory movements of different people. Among the most recognized actions, is that of the businessman Gabriel Traficante, is investigating who in the plot of the triple crime of General Rodriguez and D´Alessio would have required him to 90 thousand dollars in Exchange for not to involve him in another record, which is known as the «mafia of containers».

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