translated from Spanish: Deadman is located in Garden City, in Morelia

home security dead man is located in Garden City, in Morelia Morelia, Mich. -Inside of a building located in the Garden City moreliana colony, a man was found dead, itself apparently had no traces of violence, told relatives contacts to the police authorities.
The address where the facts occurred is located in the Pachicua Street, near the corner of the street Ihuatzio, in referred settlement adjacent to the third hope colony.
It transpired that the now deceased had approximately 40 years of age, was sturdily and swarthy. The identity of the above is ignored, according to the sources.
They were a few locals who discovered the individual during the afternoon on Friday and reported it to the emergency 911 number, then became a paramedic, checaron it and confirmed the death.
Locals said that the House where he died the subject is used as a refuge by several people addicted to the consumption of illegal substances.
The site was cordoned off by the uniformed police Morelia and then agents of the Attorney General of the State (FGE), ascribed to the early warning unit, took charge of the respective research supported by the experts of the General coordination Expert services, who took the body to the morgue.
Source: Monitor Expresso

Original source in Spanish

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