translated from Spanish: Directors of Blue Cross on alleged extortion

Víctor Manuel Velázquez Rangel, commercial director of the Cooperativa Cruz Azul, it was arrested in the city of Mexico for alleged extortion.
The sales manager was admitted yesterday to the Attorney General of Justice of the city of Mexico, prior to his transfer to Veracruz, entity where the complaint arose.
According to documents from the Attorney General of Justice of the city of Mexico, showing the Central axis portal, dated April 11, 2019, with the cause criminal 08/2019/VII against Victor Manuel, to this accused for the crime of extortion.
He allegedly asked 200 thousand dollars to his family in Exchange for not revealing intimate photos and videos.
Velazquez, Rangel was charged last year for alleged sexual assaults against the owner of distribuidora concrete Cruz Azul Morelia SA de CV.
Following the arrest, some Trustees of the cement company and co-operators took the offices of the general director, Guillermo Alvarez Cuevas, located in Big Sur.
“It will be released until you surrender,” “We want freedom for Velázquez Rangel”, was exposed in cardboards.
So far, the general manager of the cooperative, Guillermo Alvarez Cuevas, has not acted on the matter.
The Cooperativa Cruz Azul was founded in 1931. Today, with around 800 cooperative, is one of the main producers and distributors of cement in the country: its annual production is 10 million tons.
According to a survey of Mexican corruption and impunity, for years, its executives took millions of dollars from the cooperative to bring tax havens.
Cruz Azul cooperative filed on 1 April this year a complaint to the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR), to apply for investigation for alleged diversion of the resources of the cooperative, 191 million pesos.

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