translated from Spanish: Ian Cognito, the comedian who died of a heart attack on stage

English comedian, Ian Cognito, was onstage making laugh to the public with his stand up at the bar show The Atic, in Bicester, in the South of the United Kingdom. Everything was going well, the audience laughed, until they were aware that the artist was not moving. Cognito sat in a chair with his head and arms back, and people are still laughing. After a few minutes, the presenter of the Andrew Bird bar came up to see what was happening. «When I played him the arm expected to tell me ‘bu’. «Everyone, including myself, thought that he was joking», confessed Bird.Pero comedian did not react and there was when the ambulance was called and two nurses who were in the audience began to make a resuscitation maneuvers. When the doctors arrived they declared it dead on stage. One of the attendees of the show, John Ostojak, told the BBC: «10 minutes rather than sit, had joked about a spill. I said: ‘Imagine that you have a spill and you waking speaking on Wales’ «.» A Bird had also told: «Imagine if I die in front of you». For those previous comments, everyone thought that the gestures were part of the show. «We were there sitting for five minutes, looking at him, laughing at him», lamented Ostojak.Su real name was Paul Barbieri. He was born in London in 1958 and acted since 1985. It was a very respected person in the environment of British comedy.

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